The Timeless Impact of a Handwritten Note for a Graduate

In an increasingly digitized world, the art of writing personal notes has become something of a rarity. Yet, despite the surge of electronic communications, nothing quite compares to the heartwarming touch of a handwritten note. For a milestone as significant as graduation, a personal note can be a timeless keepsake for the special graduate in…

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The Power of Handwritten Notes: Heartfelt Mother’s Day Cards

Mother's Day Card

In the age of automation, nothing beats the impact of a heartfelt, handwritten note for expressing genuine and meaningful appreciation on Mother’s Day.  Every Mom out there craves appreciation.  This is your opportunity to reflect on all the great things she’s done for you, all the sacrifices she’s made and write it down in a…

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5 Questions to Ask to Create Better Handwritten Notes

In my book, Handwritten Notes: Learn How a Small, Powerful Act Can Enrich Your Life, I talk about the benefits of reaching out to others using handwritten notes.  One major point I make in the book is that writing impactful notes requires deep, focused thought. High quality is what we’re after. Phoning it in with…

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