Cultivate a Better Future by Recapturing a Treasure From the Past.

About the Book

Handwritten notes can serve as our antidote to the chronic self-focus inherent with social media and technology.  Writing notes by hand is a way of life whereby, you’re training yourself to turn off distractions and focus on sincerely thinking about another person. It’s a beautiful concept and, if done right, holds powerful influence in all aspects of your life.


About Carrie

Carrie Pierce is a nobody who has written absolutely nothing with the exception of this book and over 1,000 handwritten notes. Before writing her book, Carrie got a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania in Urban Studies. After that, she ran a successful business in real estate where she received numerous industry awards.

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The Healing Power of Handwritten Notes

Amidst the hum of digital notifications and the constant glow of screens, a simple pen waits silently, promising a moment of calm. Before you dismiss this as another ode to a bygone era, consider the profound impact that a handwritten note can have on your psyche. Dive with me into this often-overlooked escape and see how handwriting could be your secret recipe for tranquility…

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