The Magic of Handwritten Notes: How I Connected with Foreign Rights Publishers

Today, I’ve got a noteworthy story to share with you about handwritten notes and the incredible connections they can create. It might seem a bit old-school in this digital age, but believe me, there’s something truly special about putting pen to paper.

Recently, I was on a mission to reach out to foreign rights publishers for a project I was excited about. But here’s the thing, I hadn’t been to any international events, so I had to rely on internet info – which often felt cold and impersonal. I sent out a bunch of emails, but sadly and predictably I got crickets… No replies.

I was determined to crack this code, so I decided to try something different. Knowing what I know, that people crave the feeling of importance I thought, “Hey, why not speak their language, literally?”  So, I sent a follow-up email in the language of each country I was writing to, hoping to show a bit more personalization. Guess what? Still no response.

Not one to give up, I decided to go all out. I got out my trusty pen and some stationery and wrote each publisher a good ol’ fashioned handwritten note in their native language. I researched the company and wrote what I admired about them, expressed my interest in having them engaged with the project and how excited I was to collaborate with them. After sealing the envelopes and crossing my fingers, I sent them off.

And guess what? It worked. Two out of the six companies so far responded to my handwritten notes. They loved the personal touch and appreciated the effort I put into communicating in their own language. It was like a magic touch that opened doors and got their attention.  I’m still waiting for responses from others but even if I just get the two, I’ve illustrated my point.

I can’t stress enough how powerful a handwritten note can be. In a world flooded with auto-generated emails and cookie-cutter messages, taking the time to write something personal sets you apart from the crowd. It shows that you genuinely care and are willing to go the extra mile to connect.

So, whether it’s a “thank you” to a client, a shout-out to a colleague, or a little note to a friend you haven’t seen in ages, consider the power of pen and paper. It might just make someone’s day and forge lasting connections that digital communication often struggles to achieve.

Remember, the little things matter. Take a moment to craft a note.


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