Crafting Effective Handwritten Messages

Diving more into the strategy behind crafting those perfect notes, we discuss here how to write an effective message.  Writing by hand isn’t just about nostalgia; it’s an opportunity to think deeper about our message. It’s about using that pause to make sure we’re clear and thoughtful in what we say. It really goes to show the special touch that comes with taking a moment to put pen to paper.

Drawing inspiration from Dale Carnegie, renowned for his deep understanding of human relationships and his classic “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” we uncover the strategic depth behind penning a note. Faced with a minor oversight by an office cleaner, Carnegie didn’t default to the immediacy of a digital reprimand. He deliberated and wrote:

“Hey there, just wanted to drop a note to say thanks for the top-notch cleaning you’ve been doing. Even though we don’t see each other often, I definitely notice your hard work. Considering the 2 hours a week, feel free to add an extra half-hour now and then for those little extras, like polishing the cup holders. I’ll definitely cover the added time. Thanks again for your dedication. Sincerely- Dale.”

This illustrates a few salient points about the strategic benefits of handwritten notes:

Reflection Before Reaction: The act of writing allows for pause and consideration, helping you collect your thoughts and ensuring that the message delivered is balanced and well-thought-out.

Highlighting Through Subtlety: By creating a thoughtful note, you can draw attention to areas of improvement without making them the focal point, thus avoiding unnecessary confrontations.

Value and Validation: Strategically written notes ensure that the receiver doesn’t just see the feedback but also feels acknowledged and valued.

Building Bonds Over Bridges: Direct feedback can sometimes distance people, but thoughtfully crafted messages strengthen ties, foster richer connection and mutual understanding. Such considerate communication earns you immense respect from the recipient and earns you big points on the likability scale.

Taking the time to write out a note by hand isn’t just about good communication; it’s about showing you really care. Nowadays, everything is so fast-paced, but slowing down to write can mean a lot. Like with Carnegie’s note, it shows that you can point out little things while still making someone feel appreciated and understood. It’s all about putting thought into what you jot down.

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